Mounting the product disc

You must have superuser (root) privileges to load the VCS software.

To mount the product disc

  1. Log in as superuser on a system where you want to install VCS.

    The system from which you install VCS need not be part of the cluster. The systems must be in the same subnet.

  2. Insert the product disc in the appropriate drive on your local system.

  3. Determine the block device file for the DVD drive:

    # ioscan -fnC disk

    Make a note of the device file as it applies to your system.

  4. Create a directory in which to mount the software disc and mount the disc using the appropriate drive name. For example:

    # mkdir -p /dvdrom
    # mount /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0 /dvdrom
  5. Verify that the disc is mounted:

    # mount