Performing automated pre-installation check

Before you begin the installation of VCS software, you can check the readiness of the systems where you plan to install VCS. The command to start the pre-installation check is:

   installvcs -precheck system1 system2 ...

You can also use the Veritas Installation Assessment Service utility for a detailed assessment of your setup.

See Veritas Installation Assessment Service.

To check the systems

  1. Navigate to the folder that contains the installvcs program.

    # cd /dvdrom/cluster_server

  2. Start the pre-installation check:

    # ./installvcs -precheck galaxy nebula

    The program proceeds in a noninteractive mode to examine the systems for licenses, depots, disk space, and system-to-system communications.

  3. Review the output as the program displays the results of the check and saves the results of the check in a log file.