Creating I/O fencing configuration files

After you set up the coordinator disk group, you must do the following to configure I/O fencing:

To update the I/O fencing files and start I/O fencing

  1. On each nodes, type:

    # echo "vxfencoorddg" > /etc/vxfendg

    Do not use spaces between the quotes in the "vxfencoorddg" text.

    This command creates the /etc/vxfendg file, which includes the name of the coordinator disk group.

  2. Update the /etc/vxfenmode file to specify to use the SCSI-3 dmp disk policy. On all cluster nodes, type:

    # cp /etc/vxfen.d/vxfenmode_scsi3_dmp /etc/vxfenmode
  3. To check the updated /etc/vxfenmode configuration, enter the following command on one of the nodes. For example:

    # more /etc/vxfenmode