Starting the installer for the single node cluster

When you install VCS on a single system, follow the instructions in this guide for installing VCS using the product installer.

During the installation, you need to answer two questions specifically for single node installations. When the installer asks:

    Enter the system names separated by spaces on which to install 

Enter a single system name. The installer now asks if you want to enable LLT and GAB:

    If you plan to run VCS on a single node without any need for 
    adding cluster node online, you have an option to proceed 
    without starting GAB and LLT.
    Starting GAB and LLT is recommended.
    Do you want to start GAB and LLT? [y,n,q,?] (y)

Answer n if you want to use the single node cluster as a stand-alone cluster.

Answer y if you plan to incorporate the single node cluster into a multi-node cluster in the future.

Continue with the installation.

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