Installing the server components using the command-line installer

The command-line installer for the InfoScale products (Setup.exe) lets you perform a silent installation. You can perform a silent installation only on one system at a time.

Before you begin to install the product, ensure that you review the following topics and take the necessary actions:

Run all the commands in the command window in the Run as administrator mode.

To perform a silent installation of the server components

  1. Open a command window and navigate to the folder where Setup.exe is located.
  2. Use the following command syntax to install the product:
    Setup.exe /s SOLUTIONS="1" INSTALL_MODE=InstallMode
      Telemetry=Telemetry [INSTALLDIR="InstallDirPath"]
      [REBOOT=RebootMode] [NODE="SysA"] [LICENSEKEY="LicenseKey"]
      [OPTIONS="a,b,c,..."] NoOptionDiscovery= NoOptionDiscovery

    The maximum length of the argument string is 2048 characters, and the syntax is not case sensitive.

    See Parameters for Setup.exe.

About installing InfoScale Storage in a Microsoft failover cluster

If you plan to install InfoScale Storage in an active Microsoft failover cluster, ensure that the applicable prerequisites are met.

See Requirements for installing InfoScale Storage in a Microsoft Failover Cluster.

Then, use the rolling-installation method as follows:

  1. Install InfoScale Storage on each inactive cluster node.

  2. Move the cluster resources from the active node to any other inactive node.

  3. Install InfoScale Storage on the now inactive node.

After you install InfoScale Storage in a Microsoft failover cluster environment, perform the following tasks: