Re-enabling Volume Replicator in a Microsoft failover cluster environment

In a Microsoft clustered environment after you have completed upgrading SFW on all the cluster nodes, re-enable Volume Replicator on the active cluster node.


A full synchronization is required if the procedures listed below are not performed in the given order.

To enable the updated objects on the secondary (DR) site

  1. Bring online the Disk Group, IP, and Network Name resource in the Windows Server Failover Cluster resource group.
  2. Bring online the RVG resource by performing one of the following procedures:
    • From the Cluster Administrator console, right-click the RVG resource and select the Online option on the secondary.

    • From the command line, type:

      [cluster resourcename] /online [:node name] [/wait[:timeoutin seconds]]


      Refer to the appropriate Microsoft documentation for details on how to offline and online resources through the command line interface.

For Volume Replicator environments with multiple secondary sites, any operations that need to be performed on a secondary site should be repeated on all secondary sites.