Including custom resources

The product installer does not upgrade custom resources. If a service group in the previous configuration contains custom resources, the wizard does not include the service group in the upgraded cluster.

To include a service group with custom resources in the upgraded cluster

  1. Make sure that the agent binaries for the custom agent are available under %VCS_HOME%\bin where the variable %VCS_HOME% represents the VCS installation directory, typically C:\Program Files\Veritas\cluster server.
  2. Stop the VCS engine (HAD) on all the nodes in the cluster.

    From the command prompt, type:

    C:\> hastop -all -force
  3. During the installation, the installer copies previous configuration files to a backup location. Locate the backed up and files: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Veritas\cluster server\vpibackup.
  4. Copy the resource type definition for the custom resource from the backed up and add it to the file for the VCS cluster.
  5. If resources for a custom resource type are dependent on resources for agents bundled with VCS, you must update the resource definition of the VCS bundled agent to include the new attributes or remove the deprecated attributes.

    For information on the attribute values and descriptions, see the Cluster Server Bundled Agents Reference Guide.

  6. Verify the configuration.

    From the command prompt, type:

    C:\> hacf -verify config_directory

    The variable config_directory refers to the path of the directory containing the and

  7. Start the VCS engine (HAD) on the node where you changed the configuration. Type the following at the command prompt:
    C:\> hastart
  8. Start the VCS engine (HAD) on all the other cluster nodes.