Uninstalling the VRTSvbs package

To uninstall VRTSvbs

  1. Ensure that the service groups from the cluster on which you are uninstalling VRTSvbs package are not a part of any virtual business service.

    For example, if you uninstall the VRTSvbs package from cluster C2 and C2:g2 is part of virtual business services v1 and v2, you must remove C2:g2 from v1 and v2.

  2. On the node on which you need to uninstall VRTSvbs, take the vbsapp resource offline.
    # hares -offline vbsapp -sys local_node
  3. Delete the vbsapp resource from the ClusterService group.
    # hares -delete vbsapp
  4. On each node of the cluster, uninstall the VRTSvbs package.

    On UNIX systems, you can uninstall the VRTSvbs package on a managed host only from the command line interface on the host. On Windows systems, you must uninstall VRTSvbs from the Control Panel.


    # installp -u VRTSvbs


    # rpm -e VRTSvbs


    # pkgrm VRTSvbs

    Solaris 11

    # pkg uninstall VRTSvbs


    When you uninstall SFHA or VCS, VRTSvbs does not get uninstalled. You must remove the VRTSvbs package by using Programs and Features (Windows 2008) or Add or Remove Programs (Windows 2003) from the Windows Control Panel.

  5. If the ClusterService group is configured as a part of Virtual Business Services configuration and is not currently used by GCO, delete the ClusterService group.