Starting VCS

You can start VCS using one of the following approaches:

To start VCS

  1. To start VCS using the installvcs program, perform the following steps on any node in the cluster:

    • Log in as root user.

    • Run the following command:

      # /opt/VRTS/install/installvcs -start
  2. To start VCS manually, run the following commands on each node in the cluster:

    • Log in as root user.

    • Start LLT and GAB. Start I/O fencing if you have configured it. Skip this step if you want to start VCS on a single-node cluster.

      Optionally, you can start AMF if you want to enable intelligent monitoring.


      # /etc/init.d/llt start


      # /etc/init.d/gab start

      I/O fencing

      # /etc/init.d/vxfen start


      # /etc/init.d/amf start
    • Start the VCS engine.

      # hastart

      To start VCS in a single-node cluster, run the following command:

      # hastart -onenode

      See Starting the VCS engine (HAD) and related processes.

  3. Verify that the VCS cluster is up and running.
    # gabconfig -a

    Make sure that port a and port h memberships exist in the output for all nodes in the cluster. If you configured I/O fencing, port b membership must also exist.