VCS support for multi-pathing solutions

This section applies to the following agents:

VCS supports Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP) that is included as a part of Veritas InfoScale. Veritas does not support multi-pathing solutions that are not explicitly listed in the hardware compatibility list (HCL). You can find the HCL on the SORT web site, under the Documentation tab. However, Veritas supports third-party solutions, which are included as a part of the operating systems.

Veritas aims to thoroughly test and support third-party and native solutions, but it is not possible to test all third-party multi-pathing applications. This is because of complex support matrix and a number of potential product combinations. Hence, Veritas does not officially support multi-pathing solutions that are not explicitly listed in the HCL. Also, advanced functionality such as I/O fencing with SCSI3-PGR is only supported with arrays and multi-pathing solutions listed in the HCL and only with Veritas InfoScale.

If you are using a third-party multi-pathing solution, Veritas understands your need of keeping data paths redundant and does not insist that you uninstall or disable the solution. Veritas does not consider third-party multi-pathing solutions as invalid and continues to troubleshoot any support issues. However, for persisting support issues related to multi-pathing solutions, you need to contact the multi-pathing vendor.