Apache HTTP server agent

The Apache HTTP server agent brings an Apache Server online, takes it offline, and monitors its processes. The Apache HTTP server agent consists of resource type declarations and agent scripts. You use the Apache HTTP server agent, in conjunction with other agents, to make an Apache HTTP server highly available.

This agent supports Apache HTTP server 2.0, 2.2, and 2.4. It also supports IBM HTTP Server 1.3, 2.0, and 7.x.

You can view the latest support information for Apache HTTP server at: https://sort.veritas.com/agents

This agent can detect when an Apache HTTP server is brought down gracefully by an administrator. When Apache is brought down gracefully, the agent does not trigger a resource fault even though Apache is down.

This agent is IMF-aware and uses the AMF kernel driver for IMF notification.

IMF support is enabled by default. In VCS 6.1 and later, only PRON IMF monitoring is supported and the IMF Mode attribute value is set to 2.

For more information about IMF and intelligent resource monitoring, refer to the Cluster Server Administrator's Guide.


The Apache agent requires an IP resource for operation.

The agent performs detailed monitoring on the Apache resource. You can tune the frequency of detailed monitoring with the LevelTwoMonitorFreq attribute. By default, the agent monitors the Apache resource after every fifth monitor cycle to confirm the health of the resource.

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