NotifierMngr agent

Starts, stops, and monitors a notifier process, making it highly available. The notifier process manages the reception of messages from VCS and the delivery of those messages to SNMP consoles and SMTP servers.

Refer to the Admin Guide for a description of types of events that generate notification. See the notifier(1) manual page to configure notification from the command line.

You cannot dynamically change the attributes of the NotifierMngr agent using the hares -modify command. Changes made using this command are only effective after restarting the notifier.

Other applications with the name notifier can interfere with the NotifierMngr agent. If notifier is started outside VCS control, VCS can only monitor the notifier process if its started with the absolute path. For example, use:

# /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/notifier -s m=system_name &

system_name is the IP address or host name of the system.