RVGLogowner agent

Assigns and unassigns a node as the logowner in the CVM cluster; this is a failover resource. The RVGLogowner agent assigns or unassigns a node as a logowner in the cluster. To replicate data, VVR requires network connectivity between the Primary and the Secondary. In a shared disk group environment, only one node, that is, the logowner, can replicate data to the Secondary.

For replication to be highly available, the logowner must be highly available. To make the logowner highly available, the RVGLogowner resource must be configured as a resource in a failover group. Also, a virtual IP must be set up on the logowner to enable replication and failover of the logowner from one node to another in a cluster. The virtual IP must be configured as an IP resource.

For more information about the logowner, see the Veritas InfoScale Replication Administrator's Guide. An example configuration file for this agent that can be used as a guide when creating your configuration, is located at /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/sample_vvr/RVGLogowner.