About configuring secure shell or remote shell communication modes before installing products

Establishing communication between nodes is required to install Veritas InfoScale software from a remote system, or to install and configure a system. The system from which the installer is run must have permissions to run rsh (remote shell) or ssh (secure shell) utilities. You need to run the installer with superuser privileges on the systems where you plan to install the Veritas InfoScale software.

You can install products to remote systems using either secure shell (ssh) or remote shell (rsh). Veritas recommends that you use ssh as it is more secure than rsh.

You can set up ssh and rsh connections in many ways.

This section contains an example of how to set up ssh password free communication. The example sets up ssh between a source system (sys1) that contains the installation directories, and a target system (sys2). This procedure also applies to multiple target systems.


The product installer supports establishing passwordless communication.