About the Application agent for generic applications

The Application agent is a VCS bundled agent. This means that, when you install VCS on a physical machine, virtual machine, logical domain, or logical partition (LPAR), the VCS Application agent is automatically installed on that machine.

The Application agent for generic applications is supported across the following platforms:

The VCS Application agent can be used to perform online, offline and monitor operations. Use it to specify different executables for the online, offline, and monitor routines for the different applications.

An application runs in the default context of root.

You can monitor the application in the following ways:

The Application agent is IMF-aware and uses asynchronous monitoring framework (AMF) kernel driver for IMF notification.

For more information about the VCS Application agent, including descriptions of the agent functions and attributes, see the Cluster Server Bundled Agents Reference Guide.

For more information about the IMF, refer to the Cluster Server Administrator's Guide.