Virtualization use cases addressed by Veritas InfoScale products

Use cases where Veritas InfoScale products components can improve the PowerVM environment:

Table: Virtualization use cases addressed by Veritas InfoScale products in a PowerVM environment

Virtualization use case

Veritas solution

Use case implementation details

Application to spindle visibility

Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager in the LPAR

How to configure for storage to application visibility.

See About application to spindle visibility using .

Simplified management

Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP) in the host

Storage Foundation High Availability (SFHA) or Storage Foundation Cluster File System High Availability (SFCFSHA) in the LPAR

Configuring a Virtual I/O server for simplified management: how to manage virtual machines using the same command set, storage namespace, and environment as in a non-virtual environment:

See About simplified management.

Application management and availability

Cluster Server (VCS) in the LPAR

How to manage application availability.

Virtual machine management and availability

VCS in the LPAR

How to manage virtual machine high availability (LPAR failover and migration).

See About virtual machine (logical partition) availability.

Simplified management and high availability for IBM Workload partitions

VCS in the LPAR

Setting up Workload Partitions (WPARs) for operating system virtualization to reduce operating system images, and simplify management.

See About using IBM Workload Partitions (WPARs) with Veritas InfoScale products.

Live Migration

SFCFSHA and SF for Oracle RAC in the LPAR

How to use Live Partition Mobility for greater control over the usage of resources in the data center and for planned maintenance.

See Providing high availability with live migration in a Cluster Server environment.

Multi-tier Business service support

Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager, VBS in the LPAR

How to visualize, orchestrate and provide availability for multi-tier business applications.

Server consolidation


How to consolidate workloads from multiple physical servers to a physical server with virtual machines.

See About server consolidation.

Physical to virtual migration


How to migrate data from physical to virtual clients safely and easily with NPIV.

See About migration from Physical to VIO environment.