VCS in the management LPAR

VCS provides high availability for the AIX LPARs within a physical server. VCS is run in the control point which is an LPAR that is designated for management of other LPARs. The management LPARs on different physical servers form a VCS cluster.

VCS runs in one management LPAR on each physical server. The management LPAR provides high availability to the other LPARs on the same physical server, known as managed LPARs. Each managed LPAR is simply a resource that is managed and monitored by VCS running on the management LPAR, with the help of LPAR agent. This capability allows VCS to monitor the individual LPAR as an individual resource. VCS can restart the service group that has the LPAR resource on the same physical server or fail-over to another physical server.

The management LPAR views the LPARs that it manages as virtual machines but does not have visibility into the applications on the managed LPARs. The management LPAR cluster does not monitor resources inside the managed LPARs.

A VCS cluster is formed among the management LPARs in this configuration. The VCS cluster provides failover for the managed LPARs between the management LPARs.

Figure: VCS in the management LPAR provides an example of VCS in the management LPAR.

Figure: VCS in the management LPAR

VCS in the management LPAR

This configuration also provides high availability for applications running on the management LPAR. The VCS cluster manages and controls the applications and services that run inside the management LPARs. Any faulted application or service is failed over to other management LPARs in the cluster.


The managed LPARs cannot be in a cluster configuration.