Setting up management LPAR

Following is a high-level overview of the steps required for setting up the management LPARs.

Setting up management LPAR

  1. Install VCS on all nodes of the management LPARs cluster. For information about installing VCS, refer to the Cluster Server Configuration and Upgrade Guide.
  2. Make sure that the HMC is at the supported level.
  3. Make sure that the VIOS are at the supported level.
  4. Configure password-less SSH communication from the management LPAR to the HMC. This step is required for all nodes of the cluster even if a node has no LPAR resource.

    See Configuring password-less SSH communication between VCS nodes and HMC.

  5. The managed LPARs are managed via HMC. Ensure that the network connection between the physical servers and the HMC has redundancy.
  6. Set auto restart of management LPAR to "on".
  7. Ensure that PhysicalServer system level attribute has the physical server name.

    Use the following command to retrieve the physical server name.

    # lssyscfg -r sys -F name
  8. Set up the managed LPARs.

    See Setting up managed LPARs.

  9. Configure the LPARs that need to be managed and monitored as VCS LPAR resources.

    See Bundled agents for managing the LPAR.

    See the Cluster Server Bundled Agents Reference Guide.

  10. Set the Service Group level attribute SysDownPolicy = {"AutoDisableNoOffline"} for groups that have LPAR resources.

    See Managing logical partition (LPAR) failure scenarios.

    For more information on the Service Group level attribute SysDownPolicy, see the Cluster Server User's Guide.