Setting up managed LPARs

The following procedure provides a high-level overview of how to set up LPARs that VCS manages.

For detailed instructions on creating and configuring a LPAR, refer to the IBM PowerVM Guide.

To set up managed LPARs

  1. Ensure CPU and memory resources are available to create managed LPARs on all physical servers in the cluster, where the managed LPAR can start.
  2. Install VCS on all the management LPARs, to manage the LPAR.

    For information about installing VCS, see the Cluster Server Configuration and Upgrade Guide.

  3. Create the LPAR profile on all the physical servers whose management LPAR is in the SystemList for the LPAR resource.

    See Creating an LPAR profile .

  4. Set auto restart of the managed LPAR to "off" via HMC when VCS is managing the LPAR.
  5. The boot disk should be shared and should be accessible from all the physical servers where the LPAR can fail over.
  6. Verify if the LPAR can fail over to the other physical servers.
  7. Configure the LPAR as a resource in VCS.

    See Configuring VCS service groups to manage the LPAR.