About the Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager policy checks for Virtual Business Services

In Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager, policy checks use individual rules to validate whether the data center configuration conforms to a predefined standard. These individual rules are referred to as signatures.

The VBS Availability Configuration signature checks for the following parameters:

The Management Server console lets you select the policy signatures to be scanned and optionally specify a schedule for when to run the scan. This process is called signature registration.

You determine the scope of the signature scan, that is, which hosts are scheduled to be scanned for the selected signatures, depending on where you register the signatures, as follows:

You can also view the VBS-specific signature under Settings > Policy Signatures on the Management Server console.

After running a policy signature scan, you can view the information about violations that are discovered. You can view the policy violations for a selected host on the Server perspective or for a selected cluster on the Availability perspective. You can also view policy violations for an Organization.

For more information on policy signatures, refer to the Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager Management Server 7.3 User Guide.