DiskGroupSnap agent

Use the DiskGroupSnap agent to perform fire drills in a campus cluster. The DiskGroupSnap agent enables you to verify the configuration and data integrity in a Campus Cluster environment with VxVM stretch mirroring. The agent also supports SCSI-3 fencing.


The DiskGroupSnap agent requires the Global Cluster Option (GCO) license enabled on all systems in the cluster.

For more information on fire drills, refer to the Cluster Server Administrator's Guide.

You must define the DiskGroupSnap agent in a separate FireDrill service group which is similar to the Application service group. The FireDrill service group might contain resources similar to the Application service group, for example Mount, Application, and so on.

The FireDrill service group must also contain a resource of type DiskGroupSnap such that the Mount resource depends on the DiskGroupSnap resource. The main DiskGroup must contain multiple sites registered in it with the value of the ''siteconsistent'' attribute set to on.

When the DiskGroupSnap agent goes online, the agent detaches one of the sites from the main DiskGroup and imports the detached site on the fire drill host as an independent DiskGroup with a different name. The volumes on the DiskGroup are also imported and mounted with same names on the fire drill host.

The DiskGroupSnap agent provides Gold and Bronze configurations for the fire drill, which can be specified using the agent's FDType attribute. The configuration decides the site to be detached from the DiskGroup for fire drill testing. The Gold configuration is the default option in which the agent selects a site from the DiskGroup that is neither the local VxVM site nor the site on which the DiskGroup is online. With the Gold configuration, you can also specify an alternate site to detach through the agent's FDSiteName attribute. With the Bronze configuration, the agent uses the local VxVM site name as the site to detach from the DiskGroup.

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