IPMultiNICB agent

The IPMultiNICB agent works with the MultiNICB agent. The agent configures and manages virtual IP addresses (IP aliases) on an active network device that the MultiNICB resource specifies. When the MultiNICB agent reports a particular interface as failed, the IPMultiNICB agent moves the virtual IP address to the next active interface. You can use this agent for IP addresses on multiple-adapter systems.

If multiple service groups have IPMultiNICB resources associated with the same MultiNICB resource, only one group should have a MultiNICB resource. The other groups should have a proxy resource pointing to the MultiNICB resource.

This agent is WPAR-aware. The ContainerOpts resource type attribute for this type has a default value of 0 for RunInContainer and a default value of 1 for PassCInfo. Veritas recommends that you do not change these values.

Refer to the Cluster Server Administrator's Guide for more information.

Refer to the Veritas InfoScale Virtualization Guide.