Application agent

The Application agent brings applications online, takes them offline, and monitors their status. Use it to specify different executables for the online, offline, and monitor routines for different programs. The executables can be on local storage or shared storage. You can use this agent to provide high availability for applications that do not have bundled, enterprise, or custom agents.

An application runs in the default context of root. Specify the user name to run an application in a user context.

You can monitor the application in the following ways:

This agent is WPAR-aware. The ContainerOpts resource type attribute for this type has a default value of 1 for RunInContainer and a default value of 0 for PassCInfo. Veritas recommends that you do not change these values. For more information about ContainerOpts attribute, refer to the Cluster Server Administrator's Guide.

Prevention Of Concurrency Violation (ProPCV) can be enabled to prevent an online resource on a node from coming online on another node, outside of VCS control, in the same cluster. In that, ProPCV prevents the execution of StartProgram and processes that are configured in MonitorProcesses on the offline node. This action prevents data corruption of resources and detects concurrency violation at an early stage. The attribute can only be set for a local failover type group. To enable this feature you need to set the ProPCV attribute value to 1. For more information about ProPCV, refer to the Cluster Server Administrator's Guide.