RVG agent

Brings the RVG online, monitors read and write access to the RVG, and takes the RVG offline. This is a failover resource. The RVG agent enables replication between clusters. It manages the Primary VVR node in one cluster and the Secondary VVR node in another cluster. Each node can be failed over in its respective cluster. In this way, replication is made highly available.

The RVG agent manages the state of the RVG during local failovers. The RVGPrimary agent manages the role of the RVG during a wide area failover.

Using a VCS global cluster enables you to fail over the Primary role from a Primary VVR node to a Secondary VVR node.

The RVG agent includes the following key features:

An example configuration file for this agent that can be used as a guide when creating your configuration is located at: