RVGPrimary agent

The RVGPrimary agent enables migration and takeover of a VVR Replicated Volume Group (RVG) in a VCS environment. Bringing a resource of type RVGPrimary online causes the RVG on the local host to become a primary.

The agent is useful when hosts in both the primary and secondary side are clustered, in particular a VCS replicated data cluster or a VCS global cluster, to completely automate the availability of writable replicated disks to a VCS-managed application.

The RVGPrimary agent includes the following features:

Refer to the Veritas InfoScale Replication Administrator's Guide for information on configuring the Replication agents for high availability.

A sample configuration file for this agent that you can use as a guide to create the configuration is located at /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/sample_vvr/RVGPrimary.