For a fire drill, creates and destroys a transactionally consistent space-optimized snapshot of all volumes in a VVR secondary replicated data set. The RVGSnapshot agent takes space-optimized snapshots on a secondary RVG. These snapshots can be mounted and written to without affecting the actual replicated data, which means that the space-optimized snapshot can be an effective tool for scheduling a "fire drill" to confirm that a wide-area failover is possible. By combining this agent with the VCS Mount agent, the CFSMount agent, and VCS agents that manage the application being replicated, you can create a special fire drill service group. You can bring this service group online and take it offline at regularly scheduled intervals to verify that the disaster recovery environment is robust.

In addition to the agent itself, a text-based wizard /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/fdsetup that prepares the VVR and VCS infrastructure for a fire drill and a script /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/fdsched that runs the fire drill and consolidates the results are also included.

Complete details are in the Cluster Server Administrator's Guide.

The RVGSnapshot agent includes the following key features:


The RVGSnapshot agent does not support Volume Sets.