RVGSharedPri agent

Attempts to migrate or takeover a Secondary to a Primary when a parallel service group fails over. The RVGSharedPri agent enables migration and takeover of a VVR Replicated Data Set (RDS) in parallel groups in a VCS environment. Bringing a resource of type RVGSharedPri online causes the RVG on the local host to become a primary if it is not already. The agent is useful when hosts in both the primary and secondary side are clustered using a VCS global cluster, to completely automate the availability of writable replicated disks to an application managed by VCS.

You cannot use the primary-elect feature with this agent. For a detailed description of the primary-elect feature, see Veritas InfoScale Replication Administrator's Guide.

The RVGSharedPri agent includes the following key features:

Sample configuration files are located in the /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/sample_rac/ directory and include CVR in the filename. These sample files are installed as part of the VRTSdbac fileset, and can be used as a guide when creating your configuration.