Setting up a KVM guest

The following is a high-level overview of the steps required for setting up KVM. For detailed instructions, refer to the applicable Linux documentation.

  1. Before creating KVM guests, ensure that CPU and memory resources are available to create KVM guests on all nodes in the cluster.

  2. Make sure that the required KVM packages are installed on the hosts.

  3. Make sure that the service libvirtd is running on the hosts where KVM guests are to be created.

  4. Create KVM guests. For network configuration, refer to the Network configuration for VM-VM cluster in Appendix A..

  5. Install the operating system in the KVM guests.

  6. Repeat the above steps for all KVM guests that you want to be a part of the cluster.

  7. Install VCS on all the KVM guests. For information about installing VCS, refer to the Veritas InfoScale Installation Guide.

  8. Configure the VCS resources that you want VCS to manage. For more information, refer to the VCS documentation.

See Network configuration for VM-VM cluster.