Storage mapping discovery in Microsoft Hyper-V

Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager discovers the storage provisioned to the guests from the host's local storage, or storage area network (SAN). The Hyper-V guest (with or without VRTSsfmh package), when added to the Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager Management Server domain, provides storage mapping discovery.

Additional storage attributes are also displayed on the page. For example, size, type of the storage (VHD or passthrough disk), and the storage container (volume on the host where virtual storage is provisioned). The storage device handles on the guest will be mapped to the corresponding VHD or passthrough disk provisioned from host. Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager also discovers the snapshot disks provisioned to the VMS.

The storage mapping discovery prerequisites are as follows:

The storage mapping discovery limitation is as follows:

For more information on storage mapping and storage correlation, see the Veritas Operations Manager Management Server Administrator's Guide.

See About Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization discovery.