About Flexible Storage Sharing

Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) enables network sharing of local storage, cluster wide. The local storage can be in the form of Direct Attached Storage (DAS) or internal disk drives. Network shared storage is enabled by using a network interconnect between the nodes of a cluster.

FSS allows network shared storage to co-exist with physically shared storage, and logical volumes can be created using both types of storage creating a common storage namespace. Logical volumes using network shared storage provide data redundancy, high availability, and disaster recovery capabilities, without requiring physically shared storage, transparently to file systems and applications.

FSS can be used with SmartIO technology for remote caching to service nodes that may not have local SSDs.

FSS is supported on clusters containing up to 64 nodes with CVM protocol versions 140 and above. For more details, refer to the Veritas InfoScale Release Notes.

Figure: Flexible Storage Sharing Environment shows a Flexible Storage Sharing environment.

Figure: Flexible Storage Sharing Environment

Flexible Storage Sharing Environment