Configure Storage Foundation components as backend storage for virtual machines

Veritas supports extension of Storage Foundation (SF) components from the host to guest virtual machines as generic SCSI-3 disks, where SF components are the backing storage for virtual machines. After installing the SFCFSHA cluster, you can configure SF components on individual virtual machines through RHEV-M, which is enabled by the VRTSrhevm CLI package. The guest virtual machines use the exported SCSI-3 disks as backend storage and these must be visible across the cluster.

Live migration of virtual machines is required for cases of workload management, host failure, or a network issue. You can configure VCS on the host to ensure a coordinated live migration in the event of a disruption or maintenance. Without VCS configured on the host, you need to manually run the VRTSrhevm CLI to perform live migration of the virtual machine.

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Configuring Storage Foundation as backend storage for virtual machines