Managing storage

Configure the storage disks to save the application data.

VMware virtualization manages the application data by storing it on SAN LUNs (RDM file), or creating virtual disks on a local or networked storage attached to the ESX host using iSCSI, network, or Fibre Channel. The virtual disks reside on a datastore or a raw disk that exists on the storage disks used.

For more information, refer to the VMware documentation.

The application monitoring configuration in a VMware environment requires you to use the RDM or VMDK disk formats. During a failover, these disks can be deported from a system and imported to another system.

Consider the following to manage the storage disks:

The following VCS storage agents are used to monitor the storage components involving non-shared storage:

Before configuring the storage, you can review the resource types and attribute definitions of these VCS storage agents. For details refer to the Cluster Server Bundled Agents Reference Guide.