Accessing the Veritas High Availability view

You can use one of the following methods to access the Veritas High Availability view.

In the vSphere Web client, a prompt appears if single sign-on is not configured between Veritas Infoscale Operations Manager Management Server and the selected system.

If the system is not part of a VCS Cluster, the Configure a VCS Cluster link appears.

If you have not configured application monitoring, the Configure an application for high availability link appears.

To access the view from the vSphere Web Client

  1. From the vSphere Web Client Home page, click the required vCenter Server.
  2. Under Inventory trees, navigate to the required virtual machine.
  3. In the Monitor tab, click Veritas High Availability.

    The Veritas High Availability Health View for the selected virtual machine appears.

To access the view from a browser window