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amfdebug - configure the Asynchronous Monitoring Framework
                (AMF) module debugging messages. SYNOPSIS
amfdebug enable [ -t type ] [ -l level ] [ -o output ]
amfdebug disable DESCRIPTION
The amfdebug utility configures the AMF module’s debugging
messages. It specifies the message based on the type of
resource and the level of verbosity. OPTIONS
Two operations are supported:
enable [ -t type ] [ -l level ] [ -o output ]
         The enable operation enables the AMF module to
         generate the tracing messages.
         -t pron|proff|fson|fsoff|all
         Specify the resource type. This option is needed
         only if a specified type of resource is traced.
         Without this option, all the types will be traced.
         pron Process Online
         proff Process Offline
         fson Filesystem Online
         fsoff Filesystem Offline
         all All types
         -l 1|2|3|4
         Specify the level of verbosity.
         If set to 1 (the default), AMF will trace user requests
         (ioctl call, allocate/free resource identifier,
         initialize/de-initialize reaper, and wait/get event
         When set to 2, AMF will also trace the arguments passed
         between the AMF library and module (such as the resource
         When set to 3, AMF’s internal functions and data
         structures will be traced, as well as the interaction
         between the module and the kernel components.
         When set to 4, the callback routines planted by the
         AMF will be traced.
         -o console|log
         Specify the destination of the message went. Without
         this option, the messages are sent to the system message
         The disable operation disables the AMF module tracing. EXAMPLE USAGE
Example 1: Enable AMF trace (default)
         # amfdebug enable
The default AMF trace options are:
-t all all resource types
-l 1 verbosity level 1
-o log write message to system message file
Example 2: Enable AMF trace to verbosity level 3
         # amfdebug enable -l 3
Example 3: Display the AMF trace to the console with
                verbosity level 3 of all resource types
         # amfdebug enable -l 3 -o console
Example 4: Disable the AMF tracing
         # amfdebug disable RETURN VALUE
0 The configuration was successfully.
<0 An error occurred. FILES
/var/adm/messages SEE ALSO

VCS 7.4.1 amfdebug(1M)