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haremajor - Change the major number for Veritas Volume Manager volumes.


haremajor -a

haremajor -v

haremajor -s vxio_major_number




You can use the haremajor command to reassign a system’s ODM driver number for the vxio driver. The major number of all Veritas Volume Manager volumes is set to the vxio driver number. Using the haremajor command, you can reset the vxio driver numbers for all systems in a VCS cluster to be consistent so that that volume major numbers can also be consistent. NFS clients know the major and minor numbers of the block device containing the file system exported on the NFS server. Therefore, when making the NFS server highly available, it is important to make sure that all nodes in the cluster that can act as NFS servers have the same major and minor numbers for the block device. The haremajor command can be used to change major numbers used by a system when necessary. Use the -a option to determine available major numbers on each system. Use the -v option to determine the current value assigned to the vxio driver on each system. Use the -s option to reset the vxio driver number a number which is available and consistent among all systems in the VCS cluster. Systems need to be rebooted following a reset of the vxio driver number.


-a Determine available major numbers on the system.
-v Determine the current value assigned to the vxio driver.
-s vxio_major_number
  Reset the vxio driver number on the system to the specified number.


# haremajor -a 54,56..58,60,62...
  Lists the available major numbers, which are shown in the example output.
# haremajor -v 55
  Displays the current value (55 in the example) assigned to the vxio driver.
# haremajor -s 75
  Resets the vxio driver major number to 75.