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hawparsetup - configure VCS service group to include WPAR resource


hawparsetup.pl sg_name res_name WPAR_name password system(s)




The hawparsetup script does the following:
o Creates a service group with sg_name as the name, if not already present.
o Adds a resource res_name of the type WPAR to the service group sg_name.

If res_name is already present but if the service group is different from sg_name or if the Type is different from WPAR, then the script exits.

o Sets the WPAR_name value that you specify as the value of the Name key of the service group’s ContainerInfo attribute.
o For non-secure clusters, creates a VCS user w_res_name with password as the password.

For secure clusters, creates an AT private domain "vcs_lzs" and adds VCS user w_res_name with a random password. If the WPAR is running on the system, then the script creates the corresponding VxSS user for the secure cluster.

The script creates this user with group administrative privileges for the sg_name service group to enable passwordless communication between the Global partition and the WPAR.

The script logs in to the WPAR and runs halogin command after setting the VCS_HOST environment variable that points to the System from where the hawparsetup script is run.

Note: If you do not configure the network for the WPAR_name, the halogin command will fail.
o Modifies the SystemList attribute to include the system(s) you specified.
The script returns -1 in case of erros, incorrect usage of the command, or if VCS is down. The script returns 0 otherwise.