VxFS file system lock

If the mount option in the mount table output has the option mntlock="key", then it is locked with the key "key". To verify if mount locking is in use and has the value of "key", run the mount command and review its output.

# mount

If the VxFS file system has mntlock="key" in its mount options, then unmounting the file system fails.

You can unlock the file system with the fsadm command and then unmount it. To unlock a locked mount, run the following command where "key" is the lock identifier and mount_point_name is the file system mount point.

# /opt/VRTS/bin/fsadm -o mntunlock="key" mount_point_name

To unmount a file system mounted with locking, run the vxumountcommand with the option mntunlock="key", for example:

# /opt/VRTS/bin/umount -o mntunlock="key" mount_point_name