Booting root volumes

When the operating system is booted, the root file system and swap area must be available for use before the vxconfigd daemon can load the VxVM configuration or start any volumes. During system startup, the operating system must see the rootvol and swapvol volumes as regular partitions so that it can access them as ordinary disk partitions.

Due to this restriction, each of the rootvol and swapvol plexes must be created from contiguous space on a disk that is mapped to a single partition. It is not possible to stripe, concatenate or span the plex of a rootvol or swapvol volume that is used for booting. Any mirrors of these plexes that are potentially bootable also cannot be striped, concatenated or spanned.

For information on how to configure your system BIOS to boot from a disk other than the default boot disk, refer to the documentation from your hardware vendor.