Setting up coordinator disk groups

From one node, create a disk group named vxfencoorddg. This group must contain three disks or LUNs. You must also set the coordinator attribute for the coordinator disk group. VxVM uses this attribute to prevent the reassignment of coordinator disks to other disk groups.

Note that if you create a coordinator disk group as a regular disk group, you can turn on the coordinator attribute in Volume Manager.

Refer to the Storage Foundation Administrator's Guide for details on how to create disk groups.

The following example procedure assumes that the disks have the device names sdx, sdy, and sdz.

To create the vxfencoorddg disk group

  1. On any node, create the disk group by specifying the device names:
    # vxdg init vxfencoorddg sdx sdy sdz
  2. Set the coordinator attribute value as "on" for the coordinator disk group.
    # vxdg -g vxfencoorddg set coordinator=on
  3. Deport the coordinator disk group:
    # vxdg deport vxfencoorddg
  4. Import the disk group with the -t option to avoid automatically importing it when the nodes restart:
    # vxdg -t import vxfencoorddg
  5. Deport the disk group. Deporting the disk group prevents the coordinator disks from serving other purposes:
    # vxdg deport vxfencoorddg