Categories of resources

Different types of resources require different levels of control.

Table: Categories of VCS resources describes the three categories of VCS resources.

Table: Categories of VCS resources

VCS resources

VCS behavior


VCS starts and stops On-Off resources as required. For example, VCS imports a disk group when required, and deports it when it is no longer needed.


VCS starts On-Only resources, but does not stop them.

For example, VCS requires NFS daemons to be running to export a file system. VCS starts the daemons if required, but does not stop them if the associated service group is taken offline.


These resources cannot be brought online or taken offline. For example, a network interface card cannot be started or stopped, but it is required to configure an IP address. A Persistent resource has an operation value of None. VCS monitors Persistent resources to ensure their status and operation. Failure of a Persistent resource triggers a service group failover.