About the SystemList attribute

The SystemList attribute designates all systems where a service group can come online. By default, the order of systems in the list defines the priority of systems that are used in a failover. For example, the following definition configures SystemA to be the first choice on failover, followed by SystemB, and then by SystemC.

    SystemList = { SystemA, SystemB, SystemC }

You can assign system priority explicitly in the SystemList attribute by assigning numeric values to each system name. For example:

    SystemList = { SystemA = 0, SystemB = 1, SystemC = 2 }

If you do not assign numeric priority values, VCS assigns a priority to the system without a number by adding 1 to the priority of the preceding system. For example, if the SystemList is defined as follows, VCS assigns the values SystemA = 0, SystemB = 2, SystemC = 3.

    SystemList = { SystemA, SystemB = 2, SystemC }

Note that a duplicate numeric priority value may be assigned in some situations:

    SystemList = { SystemA, SystemB=0, SystemC }

The numeric values assigned are SystemA = 0, SystemB = 0, SystemC = 1.

To avoid this situation, do not assign any numbers or assign different numbers to each system in SystemList.