About the Cluster Manager (Java Console)

The Cluster Manager (Java Console) offers complete administration capabilities for your cluster. Use the different views in the Java Console to monitor clusters and VCS objects, including service groups, systems, resources, and resource types. Many of the operations that the Java Console supports are also supported by the command line interface and by Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager.

The console enables or disables features depending on whether the features are supported in the cluster that the console is connected to. For example, the Cluster Shell icon is not available when you connect to recent versions of VCS. But the icon is enabled when you connect to earlier versions of a VCS cluster.

You cannot manage new features introduced in releases 6.0 and later with Java Console.

You can download the Java Console from http://www.symantec.com/operations-manager/support.

Symantec recommends use of Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager to manage Storage Foundation and Cluster Server environments. Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager provides a centralized management console for Veritas InfoScale products. You can use Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager to monitor, visualize, and manage storage resources and generate reports. Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager is not available on the Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions release and must be obtained separately. You can download this utility at no charge at http://go.symantec.com/vom.

See Components for administering VCS.