Status of the cluster connection with Cluster Monitor

The right pane of a panel in Cluster Monitor displays the status of the connection to a cluster. An inactive panel appears unavailable until the user logs on and connects to the cluster. To alter the connection to a cluster, right-click a panel to access a menu.

Following menus are available:

Menus are enabled when the Cluster Monitor display appears in the default expanded view. If you activate a menu on a collapsed scrolling view of Cluster Monitor, the scrolling stops while it accesses the menu.

If the system to which the console is connected goes down, a message notifies you that the connection to the cluster is lost. Cluster Monitor tries to connect to another system in the cluster according to the number of failover retries set in the Connectivity Configuration dialog box. The panels flash until Cluster Monitor is successfully connected to a different system. If the failover is unsuccessful, a message notifies you of the failure and the panels becomes unavailable