Customizing the Cluster Manager display

Customize the Cluster Manager to display objects according to your preference.

To customize the Cluster Manager display

  1. From Cluster Monitor, click Preferences on the File menu. If you use a Windows system, proceed to step 2. Otherwise, proceed to step 3.
  2. In the Look & Feel tab (for Windows systems), do the following:

    • Click Native(Windows or Motif) look & feel or Java (Metal) look & feel.

    • Click Apply.

  3. In the Appearance tab, do the following:

    • Click the color (applies to Java (Metal) look & feel).

    • Click an icon size.

    • Select the Show Tooltips check box to enable ToolTips.

    • Select the Remove Cluster Manager colors check box to alter the standard color scheme.

    • Click Apply.

  4. In the Sound tab, do the following:

    This tab requires a properly configured sound card.

    • Select the Enable Sound check box to associate sound with specific events.

    • Click an event from the Events configuration tree.

    • Click a sound from the Sounds list box.

    • To test the selected sound, click Play.

    • Click Apply.

    • Repeat these steps to enable sound for other events.

  5. After you make your final selection, click OK.