Cluster Explorer toolbar

The Cluster Explorer toolbar contains 18 buttons.


Some buttons may be disabled depending on the type of cluster (local or global) and the privileges with which you logged on to the cluster.

Figure: Cluster Explorer toolbar show the Cluster explorer toolbar.

Figure: Cluster Explorer toolbar

Cluster Explorer toolbar

Table: Buttons on the Cluster explorer toolbar shows the buttons on the Cluster Explorer toolbar.

left to right:

Table: Buttons on the Cluster explorer toolbar



Open Configuration. Modifies a read-only configuration to a read-write file. This enables you to modify the configuration.

Save Configuration. Writes the configuration to disk.

Save and Close Configuration. Writes the configuration to disk as a read-only file.

Add Service Group. Displays the Add Service Group dialog box.

Add Resource. Displays the Add Resource dialog box.

Add System. Displays the Add System dialog box.

Manage systems for a Service Group. Displays the System Manager dialog box.

Online Service Group. Displays the Online Service Group dialog box.

Offline Service Group. Displays the Offline Service Group dialog box.

Show Command Center. Enables you to perform many of the same VCS operations available from the command line.

Show Shell Command Window. Enables you to launch a non-interactive shell command on cluster systems, and to view the results on a per-system basis.

Show the Logs. Displays alerts and messages that the VCS engine generates, VCS agents, and commands issued from the console.

Launch Configuration Wizard. Enables you to create VCS service groups.

Launch Notifier Resource Configuration Wizard. Enables you to set up VCS event notification.

Remote Group Resource Configuration Wizard. Enables you to configure resources to monitor a service group in a remote cluster.

Add/Delete Remote Clusters. Enables you to add and remove global clusters.

Configure Global Groups. Enables you to convert a local service group to a global group, and vice versa.

Query. Enables you to search the cluster configuration according to filter criteria.

Virtual Fire Drill. Checks whether a resource can fail over to another node in the cluster. Requires agents that support the running of virtual fire drills.

Show Cluster Explorer Help. Enables you to access online help.