Moving and linking icons in Service Group and Resource views

Figure: The Link and Auto Arrange buttons shows the Link and Auto Arrange buttons that are available in the top right corner of the Service Group or Resource view.

Figure: The Link and Auto Arrange buttons

The Link and Auto Arrange buttons

Click Link to set or disable the link mode for the Service Group and Resource views.


There are alternative ways to set up dependency links without using the Link button.

The link mode enables you to create a dependency link by clicking on the parent icon, dragging the yellow line to the icon that will serve as the child, and then clicking the child icon. Use the Esc key to delete the yellow dependency line connecting the parent and child during the process of linking the two icons.

If the Link mode is not activated, click and drag an icon along a horizontal plane to move the icon. Click Auto Arrange to reset the appearance of the graph. The view resets the arrangement of icons after the addition or deletion of a resource, service group, or dependency link. Changes in the Resource and Service Group views will be maintained after the user logs off and logs on to the Java Console at a later time.