Configuring a new cluster panel

You must add a cluster panel for each cluster that you wish to connect to using the Java GUI.

To configure a new cluster panel

  1. From Cluster Monitor, click New Cluster on the File menu. For simulated clusters, click New Simulator on the File menu.


    Click New Cluster on the Cluster Monitor toolbar.

  2. Enter the details to connect to the cluster:
    • Enter the host name or IP address of a system in the cluster.

    • If necessary, change the default port number of 14141; VCS Simulator uses a default port number of 14153. Note that you must use a different port to connect to each Simulator instance, even if these instances are running on the same system.

    • Enter the number of failover retries. VCS sets the default failover retries number to 12.

    • For simulated clusters, click the platform for the configuration.

    • Click OK. An inactive panel appears in Cluster Monitor.