Autoenabling a service group

A service group is autodisabled until VCS probes all resources and checks that they are ready to come online. Autoenable a service group in situations where the VCS engine is not running on one of the systems in the cluster, and you must override the disabled state of the service group to enable the group on another system in the cluster.

To autoenable a service group from Cluster Explorer

  1. In the Service Groups tab of the configuration tree, right-click the service group.


    Click the cluster in the configuration tree, click the Service Groups tab, and right-click the service group icon in the view panel.

  2. Click Autoenable, and click the appropriate system from the menu.

To autoenable a service group from Command Center

  1. In the Command Center configuration tree, expand Commands > Operations > Availability > Autoenable Service Group.
  2. Click the service group.
  3. Click the system on which to autoenable the group.
  4. Click Apply.