Creating service groups with the configuration wizard

This section describes how to create service groups using the configuration wizard.


VCS also provides wizards to create service groups for applications and NFS shares. See the chapter "Configuring applications and resources in VCS" for more information about these wizards.

To create a service group using the configuration wizard

  1. Open the Configuration Wizard. From Cluster Explorer, click Configuration Wizard on the Tools menu.
  2. Read the information on the Welcome dialog box and click Next.
  3. Specify the name and target systems for the service group:
    • Enter the name of the group.

    • Click the target systems in the Available Systems box.

    • Click the right arrow to move the systems to the Systems for Service Group table. To remove a system from the table, click the system and click the left arrow.

    • Select the Startup check box to add the systems to the service groups AutoStartList attribute. This enables the service group to automatically come online on a system every time HAD is started.

    • The priority number (starting with 0) is automatically assigned to indicate the order of systems on which the service group will start in case of a failover. If necessary, double-click the entry in the Priority column to enter a new value.

    • Click the service group type.

    • Click Next.

  4. Click Next again to configure the service group with a template and proceed to 7. Click Finish to add an empty service group to the selected cluster systems and configure it at a later time.
  5. Click the template on which to base the new service group. The Templates box lists the templates available on the system to which Cluster Manager is connected. The resource dependency graph of the templates, the number of resources, and the resource types are also displayed. Click Next.
  6. If a window notifies you that the name of the service group or resource within the service group is already in use, proceed to 9.
  7. Click Next to apply all of the new names listed in the table to resolve the name clash.


    Modify the clashing names by entering text in the field next to the Apply button, clicking the location of the text for each name from the Correction drop-down list box, clicking Apply, and clicking Next.

  8. Click Next to create the service group. A progress indicator displays the status.
  9. After the service group is successfully created, click Next to edit attributes using the wizard. Click Finish to edit attributes at a later time using Cluster Explorer.
  10. Review the attributes associated with the resources of the service group. If necessary, proceed to 11 to modify the default values of the attributes. Otherwise, proceed to 12 to accept the default values and complete the configuration.
  11. Modify the values of the attributes (if necessary).
    • Click the resource.

    • Click the attribute to be modified.

    • Click the Edit icon at the end of the table row.

    • In the Edit Attribute dialog box, enter the attribute values.

    • Click OK.

    • Repeat the procedure for each resource and attribute.

  12. Click Finish.