Linking resources

Use Cluster Explorer or Command Center to link resources in a service group.

To link resources from Cluster Explorer

  1. In the configuration tree, click the Service Groups tab.
  2. Click the service group to which the resources belong.
  3. In the view panel, click the Resources tab. This opens the resource dependency graph.

    To link a parent resource with a child resource, do the following:

    • Click Link...

    • Click the parent resource.

    • Move the mouse towards the child resource. The yellow line "snaps" to the child resource. If necessary, press Esc to delete the line between the parent and the pointer before it snaps to the child.

    • Click the child resource.

    • In the Confirmation dialog box, click Yes.


      Right-click the parent resource, and click Link from the menu. In the Link Resources dialog box, click the resource that will serve as the child. Click OK.

    • Click OK.

To link resources from Command Center

  1. In the Command Center configuration tree, expand Commands > Configuration > Dependencies > Link Resources.
  2. Click the service group to contain the linked resources.
  3. Click the parent resource in the Service Group Resources box. After selecting the parent resource, the potential resources that can serve as child resources are displayed in the Child Resources box.
  4. Click a child resource.
  5. Click Apply.